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Columbus Black Widows
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We have been receiving a high number of calls in recent weeks for Columbus spiders. There are a number of reasons why our customers wish to exterminate spiders from their home. Regardless of your reasoning for needing to remove the spiders in your residence, we have experts with spider removal here to help you.

We can easily appreciate that there are many of you who hate the idea of spiders in your house. If this sounds like you, then we’d like to help you. Not only will we exterminate the spiders near your residence, but we’ll also eliminate your other pests. This is done to ensure that the spiders won’t come back; because as long as you have bugs at your house then new spiders will come to your home.

If you have found one of Columbus’s poisonous spiders, then you will want our Columbus spider experts to come out today to protect your family. There are two types of poisonous Columbus spiders: the black widow and the brown recluse. If you encounter either of these spiders you should call us as soon as possible. It’s possible to kill poisonous spiders with a long object, but that won’t help to protect you from the other spiders that may be lurking where you do not see them. If you found one, you can bet there are others.

Columbus Black Widow Removal

Many people are familiar with the appearance of the black widow. It’s a dark black spider with red on its belly. Our customers have found Columbus black widows in their houses, sheds, and basements. The black widow is extremely poisonous and is very common. When reaching into any area that you can’t see, you should wear gloves to protect yourself from spiders.

Brown Recluse Experts in Columbus

Typically, the brown recluse that you would find in Columbus, Ohio isn’t big. Most often, it will be a golden-brown color, and have a black line on its back. Brown recluse typically don’t build the pretty webs like many other spiders do. Common places that we have found brown recluse spiders in are wood piles, sheds, basements, closets, and garages.

No matter if you want to remove of non-poisonous or poisonous spiders, our Columbus spider experts would love to help you. Our spider experts will remove your current spider problem and prevent future spiders from coming. Call (614) 929-2860 today!