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Thank you for choosing Columbus Exterminator.Our Columbus pest control technicians and termite exterminators are among the most highly trained pest and rodent specialists in the Columbus, Ohio area.We are proud to be serving the Columbus community by solving pest and rodent problems in the area.

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Nobody likes it when pests or rodents invade their home.It seems that no matter what you do the pests always find a way to win.The sad news is: At some point, we all have a deal with rats in the attic or bed bugs in our bedroom.Fortunately, we’re here to help when these problems arise.Our pest control technicians are trained to handle any problems you may have, from snakes to fruit flies.After we come and solve your pest problem we will even take preventative measures to ensure that they don’t come back.I think we can all agree that it’s more cost effective (and easier) to keep the pests out than to deal with the problem once they’re inside your home or business.

You may have heard about our residential pest control services, but did you also know we have expert commercial pest control technicians waiting to assist you?Our commercial exterminators know that your time is valuable and that you should simply focus on running your bonus. Let us worry about getting rid of your pests.Our commercial exterminators will ensure that your problem is solved in a minimally invasive manner. Using the latest technology, we’ll get rid of your pest problem while keeping your employees and customers safe.We will be sure that any disturbances or downtime is minimized so that your business doesn’t suffer.Whether you have a current pest problem or simply want to prevent pests from disturbing your business in the future, we can help.

Whatever your problem may be, simply give us a call at (614) 929-2860 and we’ll help you today.